Training Immune
Cells to End Cancer

we are developing personalized cancer
therapeutics to train the immune cells
to attack the tumor.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare with smart, cutting-edge technology:

Every year, millions die because of cancer. Current therapies are still failing to provide an effective and lasting treatment for the disease.
Our mission is to provide a solution that is
Precise | Personalized | Directed
This means fewer side effects, increased efficacy, and most importantly, more lives saved.


Efficient Biotech Delivery Platform Specifically Designed to Expose Tumor Unique Identity

Our biotech delivery platform efficiently delivers molecules to cells, training them to generate specific responses to recognize and kill the elusive cancer cells. Currently, we are using our platform to offer pharmaceutical companies a novel approach to provide treatment alternatives specifically designed to take into account each patient's disease singularity.


Bridging the gap between health and technology

We use Bioinformatics algorithms to decode each tumor, find patterns, and decide the best therapy for each patient.

Our delivery platforms combine synthetic virology with nanotechnology to send these

messages to our cells in a very efficient manner.

We're not offering a one-size-fits-all solution, but a tailored approach to fight each individual's cancer or disease.

We use bioinformatics to design the molecules that we will deliver.
In this way, we write the message that our cells must receive to respond in a given way.

Our delivery platforms combine synthetic virology with nanotechnology to sent these messages to our cells in a very efficient manner.

What is our next step? To make these technologies even simpler and more reliable to definitely change the way we create vaccines and therapeutics.

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01. Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make a lasting impact on the lives of patients and their loved ones by delivering groundbreaking, personalized cancer vaccines. We are dedicated to fighting cancer one patient at a time, ensuring that every life we touch is treated with the utmost care and consideration, driven by our commitment to innovation, efficacy, and individualized care.

02. Our Mission & Vission

To revolutionize the healthcare landscape, prioritizing safety and reliability, as we harness the power of personalized medicine.
We envision a world where the uniqueness of each patient is the cornerstone of their treatment, transforming the fight against cancer with precision and compassion.

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From diverse backgrounds to common ideals

At SphereBio, we have assembled a founding team of young and passionate professionals with a shared goal: to make a real difference in people's lives and the planet.

Thank you for trusting us

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Feel free to reach us if you believe that
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